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Sycore believes in TEAMWORK, with highly skilled and trained personnel ready to assist and provide world class customer service. Your business success is in good hands. The road to success depends on the right approach, and the right attitude for your business. Here in Sycore we not only aim for success but we aim for excellence In every stage of the customer lifecycle, you can always depend that we will be with you throughout the process. We guarantee and we deliver a partner towards new heights of success.

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The range of services in the Sycore Business Solutions Outbound Call Centre Services include:

* Inbound and Outbound

* Lead Generation

* Customer Service

* Appointment Setting

* Subscription Services

* Billing Queries, etc.

* Sales and Order Fulfillment

* Order Taking

* Up-selling and Cross-selling

* Inquiry Service

* Product Information Requests

* Data Encoding

* Chat Support

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